Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Week 2

Well I am pleased to say that Week 2 went a lot better than Week 1. I think my body is finally getting into a routine again of getting up early to exercise and getting used to eating healthy finally. Last week I kept getting sooo crazily hungry that I just binged too much for the first few days and ate what I wasn't supposed to, but finally woke up and realised that they were my old habbits not my new ones!

I think my head was switched on this week as considering last week I didn't lose anything I really had to prove to myself that I could pull a decent number this week. I stuck to the eating correctly, except for a little mishap on the weekend =S but my body sure did pay for it Monday by getting smashed by Michelle doing the Supper Shredder Circuit DVD! I also stuck to my running plan and went to the gym on the off days. This resulted in me losing 700g this week! I am pretty happy with that but am hoping to pull an even bigger number next week as I am going to be doing a lot more training throughout the week. I have figured that just exercising in the morning and only losing about 400cal isn't enough if I want to pull some big numbers so I will be doing Michelle's DVD's a lot more after work as well (I usually burn from around 350 - 500cal doing the DVD's and its only 45 mins training - Bonus!). My dad (who is studying to be a Personal Trainer & is a gym junkie) is also going to be training me, my sister and one of my friends from work at least 2 - 3 nights per week which I think will also help me out a lot too!

Hopefully next week I'll see a bigger loss on those scales =)

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  1. well done on your progress!!!
    Its awesome that youve realised that those were your old habits. Im still learning!!