Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week 4 = Bad week and turning point

Well week 4 has been my worst week so far. I've had a fluey cold for a week and it limited me to do pretty much nothing! Excercise was not an option as I was 1) sore all over - could hardly breath & 2) was highly contagious so no gym! On the high side I didn't put any weight on, I actually lost 200g. I couldn't taste any food and didn't feel hungry so there was really no point in eating much! My taste started to come back yesterday and have been wanting to eat all things savory! I'm hoping the weekend isn't going to stuff up my weight loss for this week as Friday was my last day at my old job so my work colleagues and I headed to the pub for a few farewell drinks and pizza =S. Saturday I headed to the pub again with a friend for lunch, I had no alcohol but did have a big lunch (chicken schnitzel & chips with dianne sauce). So there will be no more bad food for me this week. I also have another big weekend coming up as I am going to a 40th birthday party on Saturday night. I will set myself up though so I limit the amount of alcohol I drink and the food I eat by taking my own supplies.

I don't care what people will think by taking my own food and drinks as this is a lifestyle change not a diet and not something that people can judge me for. In the end it's my body and i'm going to make it what I have always wished for no matter what it takes.

Being sick this week also prevented me from being able to complete my fitness test and mini milestone. Which is why I will be completing them both this week - even if it is a week or a few days too late, the major point is that it gets done and I reach my first goal of running 5km. I am hoping all goes well =)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Week 3

Well unfortunately no loss for me this week, but no gain either. I stayed the exactly the same which is a bit of a disappointment as I thought I trained really well this week. It's clearly the eating thats getting me down. Most days I don't eat a proper lunch as I start work at 12 most days and am not hungry yet after having breakfast so I just think 'i'll just have something to eat when I get home'. When I get home I am absolutely starving, so what do I do, pig out until i'm not hungry and then eat tea a few hrs later.

My plan for this week is to try and eat a proper lunch before going to work so I don't come home starving. Take small, low calorie snacks to work so i'm not starving and drink more water. I have also started a new job this week working from 7am - about 10 then going to my other job at 12 untill my 2 weeks is up at my current job. Once the job i'm at now is finished i'll be working different hours so will have to start working out a new eating plan. My new job also involves me standing up all day instead of sitting down all day so i'm hoping to burn a few more calories than what I am now.

I also started the PT sessions with dad on Monday night which went well. We did different types of training than what I do at the gym and am very sore because of it (a good thing). We will be doing 3 sessions a week at night.

I believe the thing that is letting me down is that I get lost in the moment when someone has something naughty to eat and they offer me some, i usually say yes. Especially with my sister. I feel jealous that she can eat all the things I like so I eat it too. This is going to STOP. In the end it doesn't make me feel good about myself - especially today as I didn't lose any weight. It just feels like all of the training I am doing is being wasted by what I put in my mouth. I know I say this every week that I am going to change this and change that but week 4 is coming up and my first mini milestone is approaching (5km run) so I know I really need to start putting in the hard yards to achieve what I have planned to achieve.

I think I need to watch the Mish videos all again to get my head back in the game - something I will do on the weekend. Hopefully it will help and i'll start seeing the results that I want to see.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Week 2

Well I am pleased to say that Week 2 went a lot better than Week 1. I think my body is finally getting into a routine again of getting up early to exercise and getting used to eating healthy finally. Last week I kept getting sooo crazily hungry that I just binged too much for the first few days and ate what I wasn't supposed to, but finally woke up and realised that they were my old habbits not my new ones!

I think my head was switched on this week as considering last week I didn't lose anything I really had to prove to myself that I could pull a decent number this week. I stuck to the eating correctly, except for a little mishap on the weekend =S but my body sure did pay for it Monday by getting smashed by Michelle doing the Supper Shredder Circuit DVD! I also stuck to my running plan and went to the gym on the off days. This resulted in me losing 700g this week! I am pretty happy with that but am hoping to pull an even bigger number next week as I am going to be doing a lot more training throughout the week. I have figured that just exercising in the morning and only losing about 400cal isn't enough if I want to pull some big numbers so I will be doing Michelle's DVD's a lot more after work as well (I usually burn from around 350 - 500cal doing the DVD's and its only 45 mins training - Bonus!). My dad (who is studying to be a Personal Trainer & is a gym junkie) is also going to be training me, my sister and one of my friends from work at least 2 - 3 nights per week which I think will also help me out a lot too!

Hopefully next week I'll see a bigger loss on those scales =)

Monday, 30 May 2011

Reaching My Goals

So far I think i'm going well and well on the way to reaching my first goal of 5km my week 4.

Last week was when my running program started. For the first 2 days of my plan - Tues & Thurs I was running for 3 mins and walking for 1 min for a total of 28 mins and for Sunday I ran for 4 mins and walked for 1 min. I struggled a bit as I haven't ran for endurance for a long time as I have usually only run in netball which is mainly sprinting and quick running.

Today I started week 2 of my running program which was running for 5 mins and walking for 1 totalling 30 mins. I think I did a pretty good job as there were a few hills and managed to push them out, usually I would just stop and walk but I know I have to stick to my plan and do what it says. It also made me feel better about myself that I could actually achieve running up hills and then keep going - no matter how stuffed I was I just kept thinking 'JFDI, JFDI, JFDI'! I ended up running/walking a total of 4.11km in 29 mins which for me, I think is a good achievement considering my goal is 5km with 3 weeks to go - but no walking allowed!

So this blog is pretty much just to put it out there that I am really committing to my goals and my writing this down, people are going to expect me to reach them. There is no turning back for me now. I am going to keep smashing it and reach my 1st goal/mini milestone of running 5km no matter what the circumstance is on the day and JFDI!!

P.S I am loving running - so far so good :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

First weigh in & Fitness test


I wasn't expecting a good result for my first weigh in as I had a massive weekend with friends :/, kind of like a last supper I guess, as I won't be drinking alcohol for 12 weeks so that means I won't eat the crap food I eat when I am drinking and when I am hungover.

The good thing is that I didn't put any on. I stayed exactly the same which was kind of a relief because I did my weight and measurements and all that on Friday then went on out on Saturday etc etc. So I think if i didn't follow the program Mon & Tues I would have probably put on all the weight from the weekend. So it's kind of a realisation that the 12WBT is going to work for me. Seeing as I won't be going out partying and having healthy weekends I should be able to lose weight every week :) I'm hoping because I didn't lose anything this week I will pull a big number next week!

So goodbye big weekends, you've just shown me that you are not worth it!!


These are the results from my fWeek 1 fitness test:

1km time trial: 6 min 52 seconds
Push ups in 1 min (on knees): 33
Wall sit: 2 min 18 seconds
Ab stage: 2
Sit & reach: -9

I have a bit of work to do, especially with the sit & reach, my muscles must be very tight because I can't even reach my toes. Will work on my stretching and flexibility to improve the results.

I really really need to improve my abdominal strength as well. By following my running program and the 12WBT exercise plan for intermediate I think I will be able to get better results with the ab stage.

I also want to be able to do push ups on my hands and feet to have a better change of getting into the Police Force (fitness requirement) so I will be practicing every day to make sure I can do lots by the end of the 12 weeks!

And i'm sure I will improve the 1km time trial as I will be following the running program and becoming a faster and all over better runner so we'll se how we go next time!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Round 2 kick off!

So tomorrow it all begins again, i'm very excited to kick off and start my round 2 journey. I did the food shop this weekend, have diarised all of my training and have a running plan to follow to make me reach my goal of running 15km by week 12, which all starts this week =)

This post I guess is to say goodbye to the old me and hello to the new me! Gooodbye to binge eating, goodbye to chocolate, chips and beer. Goodbye to drinking for 12 weeks and goodbye to my size 14 clothes. Goodbye to the flabby arms, big boobs and big belly.

Goodbye overweight Georgie.....

Hello healthy lifestyle, happiness, smaller clothes, running, boyfriend..... LIFE! :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Time to "Measure Up"

Ok so yesterday I did all of my body measurements and took my photo! Scary stuff. I think measuring up is really when it hits home and shows exactly how over weight you are. When you look at what your supposed to be and then look at what you are and see all of the health risks involved with being over weight is when it's time to change! Looking at the photo of me just in underware is also quite confronting - I don't really notice it as much when I look in the mirror as much, it's when it's right there infornt of you staring straight back at you when you realise "OMG yuck!".

It makes me even more determined to change when I see those cm's and the photo. I just cannot wait for the next measure up just to see how much I have lost - losing cm's I think is a lot more exciting than losing weight because I will be building up muscle as well so I dont expect a dramatic weight loss every week - just wait the cm's to lessen!

So here's the damage:

Weight:        75.9kg
BMI:               29.28
Chest:            95cm
Waist:            95cm
   Widest:         105cm 
 Right Thigh:   66cm
 Left Thigh:      66cm

I was a bit hesitant to want to put my before photos up but I thought stuff it, by putting them up I am really committing to lose weight. People are going to expect to see a change in my after photos so here are my before photos (sorry):

May 19th 2011