Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Week 3

Well unfortunately no loss for me this week, but no gain either. I stayed the exactly the same which is a bit of a disappointment as I thought I trained really well this week. It's clearly the eating thats getting me down. Most days I don't eat a proper lunch as I start work at 12 most days and am not hungry yet after having breakfast so I just think 'i'll just have something to eat when I get home'. When I get home I am absolutely starving, so what do I do, pig out until i'm not hungry and then eat tea a few hrs later.

My plan for this week is to try and eat a proper lunch before going to work so I don't come home starving. Take small, low calorie snacks to work so i'm not starving and drink more water. I have also started a new job this week working from 7am - about 10 then going to my other job at 12 untill my 2 weeks is up at my current job. Once the job i'm at now is finished i'll be working different hours so will have to start working out a new eating plan. My new job also involves me standing up all day instead of sitting down all day so i'm hoping to burn a few more calories than what I am now.

I also started the PT sessions with dad on Monday night which went well. We did different types of training than what I do at the gym and am very sore because of it (a good thing). We will be doing 3 sessions a week at night.

I believe the thing that is letting me down is that I get lost in the moment when someone has something naughty to eat and they offer me some, i usually say yes. Especially with my sister. I feel jealous that she can eat all the things I like so I eat it too. This is going to STOP. In the end it doesn't make me feel good about myself - especially today as I didn't lose any weight. It just feels like all of the training I am doing is being wasted by what I put in my mouth. I know I say this every week that I am going to change this and change that but week 4 is coming up and my first mini milestone is approaching (5km run) so I know I really need to start putting in the hard yards to achieve what I have planned to achieve.

I think I need to watch the Mish videos all again to get my head back in the game - something I will do on the weekend. Hopefully it will help and i'll start seeing the results that I want to see.

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