Thursday, 19 May 2011

Time to "Measure Up"

Ok so yesterday I did all of my body measurements and took my photo! Scary stuff. I think measuring up is really when it hits home and shows exactly how over weight you are. When you look at what your supposed to be and then look at what you are and see all of the health risks involved with being over weight is when it's time to change! Looking at the photo of me just in underware is also quite confronting - I don't really notice it as much when I look in the mirror as much, it's when it's right there infornt of you staring straight back at you when you realise "OMG yuck!".

It makes me even more determined to change when I see those cm's and the photo. I just cannot wait for the next measure up just to see how much I have lost - losing cm's I think is a lot more exciting than losing weight because I will be building up muscle as well so I dont expect a dramatic weight loss every week - just wait the cm's to lessen!

So here's the damage:

Weight:        75.9kg
BMI:               29.28
Chest:            95cm
Waist:            95cm
   Widest:         105cm 
 Right Thigh:   66cm
 Left Thigh:      66cm

I was a bit hesitant to want to put my before photos up but I thought stuff it, by putting them up I am really committing to lose weight. People are going to expect to see a change in my after photos so here are my before photos (sorry):

May 19th 2011


  1. Well done Georgie. They are nice photos and even though they reflect a body that you are not happy with currently - you will be so happy you took these photos so when you compare them to the end shot you will see how far you came :)

    Have a wonderful 12 weeks. And you should look up MrsHethro on the forums. She is from Coboolture too (excuse my spelling - tough day! - lol) and she is AMAZING..

  2. Thanks Margaret! Yes I cannot wait to see the difference and changes at the end! Very exciting.

    Yes I am friends with Lisa - she has done so well and is very inspirational!

    I can't see your blog for some reason & would like to follow you :) ?