Wednesday, 25 May 2011

First weigh in & Fitness test


I wasn't expecting a good result for my first weigh in as I had a massive weekend with friends :/, kind of like a last supper I guess, as I won't be drinking alcohol for 12 weeks so that means I won't eat the crap food I eat when I am drinking and when I am hungover.

The good thing is that I didn't put any on. I stayed exactly the same which was kind of a relief because I did my weight and measurements and all that on Friday then went on out on Saturday etc etc. So I think if i didn't follow the program Mon & Tues I would have probably put on all the weight from the weekend. So it's kind of a realisation that the 12WBT is going to work for me. Seeing as I won't be going out partying and having healthy weekends I should be able to lose weight every week :) I'm hoping because I didn't lose anything this week I will pull a big number next week!

So goodbye big weekends, you've just shown me that you are not worth it!!


These are the results from my fWeek 1 fitness test:

1km time trial: 6 min 52 seconds
Push ups in 1 min (on knees): 33
Wall sit: 2 min 18 seconds
Ab stage: 2
Sit & reach: -9

I have a bit of work to do, especially with the sit & reach, my muscles must be very tight because I can't even reach my toes. Will work on my stretching and flexibility to improve the results.

I really really need to improve my abdominal strength as well. By following my running program and the 12WBT exercise plan for intermediate I think I will be able to get better results with the ab stage.

I also want to be able to do push ups on my hands and feet to have a better change of getting into the Police Force (fitness requirement) so I will be practicing every day to make sure I can do lots by the end of the 12 weeks!

And i'm sure I will improve the 1km time trial as I will be following the running program and becoming a faster and all over better runner so we'll se how we go next time!

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