Monday, 30 May 2011

Reaching My Goals

So far I think i'm going well and well on the way to reaching my first goal of 5km my week 4.

Last week was when my running program started. For the first 2 days of my plan - Tues & Thurs I was running for 3 mins and walking for 1 min for a total of 28 mins and for Sunday I ran for 4 mins and walked for 1 min. I struggled a bit as I haven't ran for endurance for a long time as I have usually only run in netball which is mainly sprinting and quick running.

Today I started week 2 of my running program which was running for 5 mins and walking for 1 totalling 30 mins. I think I did a pretty good job as there were a few hills and managed to push them out, usually I would just stop and walk but I know I have to stick to my plan and do what it says. It also made me feel better about myself that I could actually achieve running up hills and then keep going - no matter how stuffed I was I just kept thinking 'JFDI, JFDI, JFDI'! I ended up running/walking a total of 4.11km in 29 mins which for me, I think is a good achievement considering my goal is 5km with 3 weeks to go - but no walking allowed!

So this blog is pretty much just to put it out there that I am really committing to my goals and my writing this down, people are going to expect me to reach them. There is no turning back for me now. I am going to keep smashing it and reach my 1st goal/mini milestone of running 5km no matter what the circumstance is on the day and JFDI!!

P.S I am loving running - so far so good :)

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