Monday, 16 May 2011

Pre Season - Round 2 of 12WBT 2011

Hi everyone,

My name is Georgie Farrelly, I'm 20 years old and live in Caboolture, QLD.

I joined the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Round 1 2011 for many reasons, firstly to lose weight that I have carried with me for most of my life and secondly to transform myself in general - to improve my well-being, self-confidence and happiness.

Round 1 for me started off ok, I was losing weight for the first few weeks and was set on the fitness - started going to the gym and started eating the meals that were planned for me. It didn't take long before I lost the motivation and started to get over it. I was not in the right head space, I just think I thought, yeah this looks easy, why not give it a crack, i'm sure I can do it...FAIL! I was not in the right head space AT ALL! But this round its all going to change!

My real inspiration I guess is my mum. She started the 12wbt in 2010 and I watched as she improved her physical changes, and I wanted that! I thought, if mum can do it then i can. She had never been physical... as long as I've been alive anyway.. and now she's training for a half marathon!! I met all of her friends at the Round 1 finale party in Melbourne and they are all so fit and have amazing stories about all of the weight they have lost and how much they can run etc...amazing!! And also saw all of the amazing transformations from everyone else who did the 12wbt which has just inspired me so much more to do Round 2.
My mum (Julie) & I at the Round 1 Group Workout at Melbourne May 2011.

SO this time round, I plan to SMASH IT! My aim is to lose 10 - 15kg to get to my goal weight in 12 weeks. I AM going to be able to run 10km non stop by week 8 and 15km non stop by week 12. Mum has made a running program for me so I will be able to achieve it at a speed that is ideal for me. I will be training at the gym on the off days focusing on building up muscle as well as toning by body with core strength training. I am currently preseasoning! Gearing up for the best 12 weeks of the rest of my life!

My ultimate, ultimate goal is to get into the South Australian Police Force. Last year I applied, got to the recruitment stage and had to sit an 'Entrance Exam' which I unfortunately didn't pass.. neither did the rest of the class.. But the point is, I am even more determined to get in this time around. Because I have to wait 9 months to reapply (from Nov 2010) I can attempt it again in August 2011, which coincidentally is 3 months from now - 12 weeks. One of the areas which I have to pass is a physical which involves a 20m shuttle run (beep test), a run and an intense obstical course. As much as I need to pass the exam (which I am doing a course at the moment to help me pass), I believe getting my physical abilites down pact as well is so important in helping me achieve the physical test and get through.. lets just hope I get to that stage!

So currently I am preseasoning. Getting through all the tasks and really paying attention to them so I can get through the next 12 weeks at my highest potential!... I am currently about 75kg (waiting for the start of Round 2 to start for exact weight) and am wanting to get to 60kg or just below.. so here I go!!

Will keep in touch with my journey and look forward to meeting lots of fellow 12wbters and follow their journeys too!

Georgie xo

P.S I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for Michelle Bridges & her amazing 12 Week Body Transformation team, they are truly amazing!

Michelle & I at the Round 1 2011 party at Melbourne.