Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week 4 = Bad week and turning point

Well week 4 has been my worst week so far. I've had a fluey cold for a week and it limited me to do pretty much nothing! Excercise was not an option as I was 1) sore all over - could hardly breath & 2) was highly contagious so no gym! On the high side I didn't put any weight on, I actually lost 200g. I couldn't taste any food and didn't feel hungry so there was really no point in eating much! My taste started to come back yesterday and have been wanting to eat all things savory! I'm hoping the weekend isn't going to stuff up my weight loss for this week as Friday was my last day at my old job so my work colleagues and I headed to the pub for a few farewell drinks and pizza =S. Saturday I headed to the pub again with a friend for lunch, I had no alcohol but did have a big lunch (chicken schnitzel & chips with dianne sauce). So there will be no more bad food for me this week. I also have another big weekend coming up as I am going to a 40th birthday party on Saturday night. I will set myself up though so I limit the amount of alcohol I drink and the food I eat by taking my own supplies.

I don't care what people will think by taking my own food and drinks as this is a lifestyle change not a diet and not something that people can judge me for. In the end it's my body and i'm going to make it what I have always wished for no matter what it takes.

Being sick this week also prevented me from being able to complete my fitness test and mini milestone. Which is why I will be completing them both this week - even if it is a week or a few days too late, the major point is that it gets done and I reach my first goal of running 5km. I am hoping all goes well =)


  1. hey Georgie,
    haven't heard from you in a while. how goes your new running/12wbt life?

  2. Hey Kylie,
    I kind of lost motivation for the whole running thing. Just running at my own pace and doing other exercise. I'll be doing a massive blog about it all soon so you'll have to read it =)
    How's it all going for you? Mum said you were doing the same running plan as me.